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Young Pilgrims

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Gathered from all across the UK, Young Pilgrims are an explosive 9-piece ensemble who’s brass heavy, rock influenced sound is a slap in the face full of high energy grooves, improvised madness and catchy melodies. 

Known for their racous and energetic shows, they have performed all over Europe from the Paris Jazz Festival to venues and festivals all across the UK. Fully committed to getting audiences on board the Jazz-Rock mothership, their crowd-invading shenanigans are just the beginning of what makes their live shows so exciting. 

After the success of their debut, Little Things, Young Pilgrims will be releasing their follow-up album on Stoney Lane Record’s in the winter of 2019. 

Young Pilgrims are:

Richard Foote and Kieran McLeod - Trombones

Mike Adlington, Sean Gibbs and Sam Wooster - Trumpets

Michael Owers - Sousaphone

Chris Maddock - Baritone Saxophone

Jonathan Silk and Euan Palmer - Drums


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Little Things

by Young Pilgrims

Debut album released on Stoney Lane Records 2015

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